myOPALE, modular achitecture for embedded AI


myOPALE, based on inside PCIe over Cable and COM Express module, is a disruptive technology for industrial computers that target Size, Weight and Power consumption in constrained environmental conditions. With its new Embedded NVIDIA QUADRO GPU module and its AcroPack/miniPCIe Industrial I/O module, myOPALE offers time to market, long life cycle, robustness and flexibility. This white paper bellow shows how this new ecosystem is growing to support Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning applications and why its modular architecture has been yet adopted beyond industrial environment, in navy for control command HMI, adaptive and cognitive RADAR/SONAR, in aerospace for flight tests …

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OPALE V2-MIL Compact for sea environment

OPALE V2-MIL Compact for sea environment

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